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October 22nd, 2015


How did this happen?!  My cute little blue-eyed nephew is all grown up!! I feel like he should still be two years old!!! :(  I must say though he's still pretty cute... and he still has those gorgeous blue eyes!!  Meet my not so little nephew Evan! ;) 

Good luck Evan!!!  I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do! :) Thanks for asking me to do your senior pictures, it was fun!!

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October 19th, 2015

The ADoRaBLE Pratt Family! :)

Too much CUTENESS for one family!!!!  Thank goodness they are just naturally cute because I'm pretty sure the wind was BLOWING like 90 mph and it was close to 100 degrees outside but we managed to laugh our way through it all and the pictures turned out so fun!  I have so many favorite shots of these adorable people!!!  Meet the Pratt family:)

Thanks Morgan and Britt for bringing the family to see me!!  So glad you decided to do fall pictures!  I am in love with how these turned out!  Fun family... fun pictures!!! :)  See you all soon!!!

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Ben and Clark!

I have been photographing these adorable little boys since they were 10 days old!!  It doesn't seem possible they are this big already!!!  Meet Ben and his little brother Clark!  Two very handsome little boys! ;)

Thanks Dan and Heather for bringing the boys to see me again!  I always enjoy seeing your family!  Such good little boys... and CUTE too!! :)  Hope to see all of you again soon!  Happy Fall!! :)

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October 14th, 2015

Happy Birthday Westyn Kash!! :)

Wow... Cute CUTE boys!!!  Meet Birthday boy Westyn and his big brother Wyatt!!  Such handsome little men!!! ;)

Rick and Amber - Thanks so much for bringing the boys... and Grandma to see me again!  I LOVE photographing your family!! :)  Can't wait to share the proofs with you... as you can probably see I have a TON of FAVORITES!!  See you soon! :)

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October 1st, 2015

Welcome Myles...

Oh my MYLES!  Can a baby get any more beautiful?!  He is perfect!!  Meet baby Myles, 3 weeks old, and his very PROUD siblings, Jacoby and Jorja!  Love, LOVE, LooooovvVEEee!

Congratulations Casey and Toby!  Myles is gorgeous!  Such a precious boy!!  Thanks for coming to see me again! ;)  I always enjoy photographing your kids!!  I'm sure you are loving these gorgeous fall days!  They are perfect for snuggling cute little babies!!! :) 

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