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November 17th, 2015

Welcome Anthony... ;)

PERFECT... PLUMP.... PRECIOUS... what a little blessing!  Meet Anthony, 2 weeks old.

Contratulations Adam and Brittany!  Anthony is gorgeous!  It was great visiting with you and I am so thankful you chose me to photograph your new little man!  Thank you for being open to my ideas and I hope you LOVE what we got!!!  Look forward to seeing all of you again soon! ;)

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November 4th, 2015

My favorite TRIPLETS! :)

Love the fall colors...  LoVe these adorable triplets... LOVE this whole family!!!  Meet Richard, Christa, Cade, Ciana, and Emoree! 

Thanks Richard and Christa for coming to see me again!  I can't believe how much the kids have grown since the last session!  They are sure a joy to photograph... great kids!  And CUTE too!!!  Loved the outfits and the colors!  Can't wait to share the proofs with you!  Have a great week!! :)

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The Lingo Family!

So excited to see the Lingo family again!  I wish we could have had a better day but the WIND was out of control and poor baby Ellie wasn't feeling too good.  Nonetheless we made it work and we had fun doing it! :)  Meet the Lingo family... Marc, Tashia, Jaycee, and Ellie! CUTENESS!

Thanks Marc and Tashia for trusting me to capture your family photos!  It is always a bit stressful photographing another photographers family! Hopefully one of these days you can photograph mine!  I just need to convince all of my boys. :(  I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope Ellie is feeling better!  Have a wonderful vacation!!! ;)

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November 3rd, 2015


Oh my goodness this session was so fun!!!  Little Miss Pacyn was such a poser and so completely ADORABLE!!!  I took way to many pictures but she is just too cute... I couldn't control myself! :)  Meet 2 year old Pacyn and her beautiful mama Kristyn!

Thanks Kristyn and Pacyn for coming to see me!  It was great seeing you again!  I am so excited to share these proofs with you!!!  Ahhhh I have so many favorite shots as you can probably tell since I shared so many!  Lol I couldn't control myself again! ;)  Thanks again!  Have a wonderful week!! :)

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