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January 30th, 2015

Welcome Primrose Kay! :)

Holy bundle of preciousness!!!  Welcome Primrose Kay, one month old! :)  Such a beautiful little girl!

Congratulations Zach, Katie, and Big Brother Broderick!!!  Primrose is gorgeous!!  LOVE that hair!! ;)  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special pictures for your family!!!  Have a great weekend!!! ;)

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January 21st, 2015

Braxton!!! :)

This little boy is so full of CUTENESS!!!  Oh my GOODNESS he is hilarious!!! So many smiles, so many laughs, SOOOO many pictures!!!! Meet 2 year old BRAXTON!! ;) 

Thanks Alex and Alexis for bringing Braxton to see me again!!!  He is one cooperative 2-year-old!!! :)  Such a good little guy!  Cute, CUTE, CUUTTTEE!!!

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Happy Birthday CADE!!

Two HANDSOME boys!  Meet Birthday Boy Cade, and his Big Brother Bode! ;) 

Happy First Birthday Cade!!!  Bob and Dana, thank you so much for making the trip down to Sterling!  It was great seeing all of you!  I'm not sure the boys were as excited to see me as I was to see them... but we managed to capture a few little smiles. ;)  Smiling or not they are Cute CUTE boys!!!  Thanks again!!!

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January 16th, 2015

Welcome Sweet Graham...

10 pounds 2 ounces of complete PERFECTION!!!  What a beautiful and smiley little boy!!! Meet Graham, 3 weeks old. 

Greg, Candis, Big Sister Callie, and Big brother Bryce - CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!  Graham is such a sweet blessing to your family!!  I have enjoyed watching your family grow these past few years... I always know you are going to bring me adorable babies!! ;)  It was great seeing all of you again!!  Hope you have a wonderul 2015!!

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Welcome Callie Ann!

How lucky am I to start off the New Year with this gorgeous little girl?l?!?!!  She is PRECIOUS!!!  Meet Callie Ann, 3 weeks old! Such a doll! :)

Congratulations Austin and Vanessa!!!  Callie is such a good lil baby... and so absolutely ADORABLE!!!  Thank you so much for making the trip to Sterling!!  It was great meeing all of you!!!  You have such a cute family!!! ;) 

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