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October 31st, 2012

HapPy HaLLoWeEn!!! :)

Just wanted to wish everyone a SAFE and HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!! :)  Thanks for looking have a great day!!!!

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October 30th, 2012


He's all BOY, he's TWO, he's ACTIVE, he's ORNERY, and he is absolutely GORGEOUS!  I seriously think he could be a little Ralph Lauren model!  Meet Tobyn... ;)

Thanks Kelly for bringing Tobyn to see me! ;)  I know you were stressing but he is a boy and he is two, which is not always the best combination on picture day!  Believe me I know.... I have two of them! :)  Tobyn is such a cute kid!  I love his look... his eyes, his hair, his skin, everything about him is perfect!  I look forward to seeing ya'll in a few weeks!!!! ;) Have a Happy Halloween!!! :)

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Kelly's CUTE Belly... :)

Kelly's cute belly,  only 3 more weeks to go! ;)  So excited to see what's growing inside this adorably round lil belly!!!!!  My guess.... I'm thinking it's a girl!!:)

Congratulations Robby and Kelly!  I'm so excited to meet the little peanut!!  Kelly, you look amazing... such a pretty pregnant mama!!!  Enjoy these last few weeks of sleep... they will go fast!! :)

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October 29th, 2012

Happy Birthday Bode! :)

Happy First Birthday BODE! :)  What a fun, happy, smiley, and adorable little boy!!! :) SO CUTE!!

Thanks Bob and Dana for making the trip to Sterling! :)  Bode is such a happy kid... and not to mention he is a complete doll!  It was great meeting all of you!  I hope to see you again soon! :) 

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October 26th, 2012

Lil Rockstar... Cole!

Meet Cole... what a handsome little rockstar! :)  

Thanks Allen and Erin for bringing Cole to see me! :)  Those big brown eyes were so much fun to photograph!  And I must say I loved the rock concert he put on for me... too cute!  I'm thinking a guitar might be a good gift for him!! ;)  It was great meeting all of you!  Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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October 25th, 2012

Baby Layton... LOVE!;)

He's so LOVABLE... HUGGABLE... KISSABLE... SO SQUISHABLE... meet baby Layton, 6 months old. :)

Thanks Trae and Allie for making the trip to Sterling! :)  I had so much fun with your little man... he is so GOOD and SO SO SO so CUTE!  LOVE him!! ;)

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October 19th, 2012

Meet Maddox...

Welcome Maddox Jay, 16 days old.  What a beautiful baby boy!  Love his bald head and perfect little lips... such a sweet little man. ;)

Justin and Tianna - CONGRATULATIONS! :)  Maddox is such a sweetheart!  Thank you so much for making the trip to Sterling, it was great to finally to be able to meet the little man! :)  I can't wait to share all of his proofs with you! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

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October 18th, 2012

Welcome Luca... ;)

Meet Luca, 8 days old.  Judging by her adorable smile I think Luca knew how excited her Daddy might be about her posing with his pilot hat! ;)  Luca and her big sister Journie were so much fun... it was great to get my "girl fix"! :)  Such pretty girls!!

Congratulations Chris and Stephanie!  You have two very adorable little girls!!!  I am so thankful that you found me and that I was able to capture these special pictures for your family!  It was great meeting you! ;)  Hope to see all of you again soon!

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October 17th, 2012

Happy Birthday COLT! ;)

Happy Birthday little man Colt! :)  I had so much fun with you and your BIG blue eyes!  You are adorable, and so so so so SWEET!

Thanks Justin and Megan for bringing Colt to see me again!  I am so in love with his sweet personality and big blue eyes!  He is just TOO CUTE! :) 

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October 5th, 2012


She is smart, fun, and absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! ;)  Meet Paige....

Thanks Paige for letting me photograph your Senior pictures, it was so much fun! :)  I know I went a little crazy and posted a ton of them but I just couldn't pick a few... I tried!  You are just too darn CUTE so I figured I might as well show off your pretty face!  I hope you love them and I hope you have a wonderful Senior year! ;) 

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