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May 30th, 2012

Wyatt and Taten...

I have photographed Wyatt and Taten for years and I must say it is so fun to see how they grow and change with every session!  Wyatt is now 4 years old and little brother Taten is already 2!!  Where does time go???!!!  This year the boys were definitely prepared for our session!  As soon as I arrived they were saying... "CHEESE"! :)  It was hillarious, and it worked because they have so many fun pictures! :)  And I was completely thrilled when Great-Grandpa Wendell showed up for a few shots!  How special!!! ;)    

Thanks Micah and Erin for allowing me to photograph the boys again! :)  And a big THANKS to Grandpa Wendell for taking the time to snap a few pictures with your adorable great-grandsons!  I'm so glad we were able to capture these special moments of Wyatt and Taten on the family ranch!  They did such an amazing job! :)  

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May 22nd, 2012

Meet Ryder William...

Welcome Ryder William!  I have been waiting for this little guy to arrive FOREVER!!!  I photographed his adorable big brother A.J. a couple of years ago so when I heard that he was having a little brother I couldn't wait to get my hands on him! ;)  This little guy is one BEAUTIFUL baby!!!  Everything about him is absolutely PERFECT!  I love his squishy little face and perfect little nose... he is just too CUTE! ;) 

Joe, Becky, and Big Brother A.J - CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)  Ryder is the perfect little addition to your beautiful family!  I am so happy you were able to make the long trip from Kearney... hopefully we will be able to make a trip down one of these days! :)  Thanks for allowing me to photograph the little man... he is amazing!  You have the CUTEST little boys!  Enjoy them! :)

** Check out more pictures of Ryder!  Visit my facebook page

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May 10th, 2012

Welcome Bobby Shane... ;)

Meet Bobby Shane... he is precious!  This little man tried his best to be stubborn for our session but he definitely cooperated when it counted!  I REALLY wanted to capture some very special shots with his late Grandpa Bob's rope and belt, and I also wanted to snap a few of him with his Daddy's golf gear... thankfully Bobby was a perfect little model! :)

Shane, Kelly, and Big Brother Trey - Congratulations! ;)  Bobby is a gorgeous baby!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special newborn moments of the little man.  Enjoy him... he is so SWEET!! ;)

** Check out more pictures of Bobby!  Visit my facebook page

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Mr. Brown-Eyed Ben... :)

Oh my goodness... look at Mr. Brown-eyed Ben!  Is he not the cutest little thing ever??!!!  He has the sweetest personality and the biggest brown eyes to go with it!  I wanted to keep him...  he is TOO CUTE!!! ;)

Thanks Dan and Heather for bringing Ben back to see me again! ;)  He is GORGEOUS!!!!  I could photograph those beautiful big brown eyes every day!!!! ;)  Hope to see all of you again soon! 

** Check out more pictures of Ben!  Visit my facebook page

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May 3rd, 2012

HaPpY BiRthDay KELLY! ;)

Kelly, I know how EXCITED you were about Bobby's pictures and I know today is a special day for you.... Sooooo HaPpY BiRthDAY!!! :)  I hope you have a great day! ;)

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May 1st, 2012

Happy Birthday Kol!

These little boys are just too handsome! ;)  Kol is turning one and big brother Maddox is just two and a half so I knew it was going to be a crazy session!  Boys will be boys... and boys are ACTIVE! :)  Maddox and Dad really wanted to check out a "wattlenake" but I am so THANKFUL the snakes weren't out!!!  Maddox might have liked it but pretty sure Mom and I would have croaked! :)  We were all wore out by the end of the morning but I think we all had a good time and ended up with some great shots! ;)

Happy First Birthday Kol! :)  Thanks Aaron and Sue for bringing your kiddos to see me again!  I hope to see all of you again soon!  Enjoy your summer with those sweet little boys! ;)

** Check out more pictures of these cute kiddos!  Visit my facebook page

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