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June 27th, 2012

Welcome Ty... ;)

Welcome Ty Michael... what a handsome little man! :)  And such a happy boy! 

CONGRATULATIONS Ricky and Kady!!!  I am so happy for you guys! :)  Ty is so stinkin CUTE!!!!  Hold him, hug him, kiss him, and enjoy him because before you know it he will turn into a very busy little boy!  They grow up too fast!!

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June 22nd, 2012


Last year I decided I wanted to totally focus on photographing babies and young children but occasionally I need a few Seniors to keep me sane!  I love photographing just about anyone and anything but when I get a Senior that is easy going, natural,  and as photogenic as Cori it is a BLAST!!!  I have so many favorite shots of Cori... she did an amazing job and we had the most beautiful locations! 

Thanks Cori for allowing me to photograph your Senior pictures! :)  I'm so glad you found me!  It was nice to finally meet you and your Mom... I hope you guys enjoy your vacation, and I hope you have a wonderful Senior year next year!   Have a great weekend! ;)

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June 21st, 2012

The Gueck family! :)

I always know I'm going to have a good time when I schedule a session with the Gueck family!  They know how to have fun... and they are all super photogenic!!!!  Last summer I had a blast photographing Marquel's Senior pictures... we went CRAZY and ended up with so many shots!  For this session the focus was on Kordell (which he wasn't too thrilled about)! :)  But, after all the whining and groaning he ended up with some GREAT pics... I know Mom is going to be happy! :)  Good Job Kordell!!

Thanks Gueck family!  You guys are adorable... and so much fun to work with! :)  It was great to see all of you again!  I hope you have a great summer! ;)

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June 8th, 2012

30 little toes... 30 little fingers... 3 ADORABLE KIDS! ;)

Who has 30 little toes.... 30 little fingers... 6 very fast little feet... and 3 adorable little faces?  Guess who??!!!  My favorite set of TRIPLETS!!!!  Ciana, Cade, and Emoree just turned 4 years old and are so full of personality!!!  I LOVED this session with them... the location was perfect and the kids did amazing!!!  So many FUN pictures of these adorable little people!!! 

Thanks Richard and Christa for inviting me out to your place!  I always have so much fun photographing your family! ;)  I think I say this every year but I absolutely LOVED this session with the kids!!!!   I have so many favorite pictures and the location was AMAZING!!!!!!  Thanks for searching for it! ;)  I hope you guys have a great summer and a wonderful weekend!!!  See you soon!!! ;)


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June 5th, 2012

Special Delivery... ;)

Special delivery.... meet sweet Ashtyn Josette!  This little girl is definitely a special delivery!  I have been waiting for Ashtyn to arrive for such a long time and have been fortunate to get frequent updates on this little peanut from her proud daddy, who is also our UPS man! :)  She is well worth every bit of waiting... she's a complete angel!  Such a BEAUTIFUL little girl! 

Mike and Julie - Congratulations!!! :)  I am so happy for both of you... Ashtyn is such a blessing!  I cannot tell you how much fun I had with her pictures!  She is PRECIOUS!!!  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to capture these special newborn moments of your beautiful baby girl! Congratulations!!!! ;)

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June 1st, 2012

My New LOVE...

I never imagined myself falling in love with a guy that was short, chubby, tattooed, and had a Mohawk... but I have to say it's happened! Meet my new love... Easton!

Thanks Patrick and Ashley for bringing Easton to see me! ;)  He is a complete DOLL!!!  I LOVE HIM! :)  His personality is so much fun... such a cutie!  Hope to see all of you again soon!  Have a great weekend!! :)

** Check out more pictures of Easton!  Visit my facebook page

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