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February 28th, 2012


I have had to take some time off lately because I had a little "OOPS" happen and ended up with 2nd degree burns covering my foot and legs so needless to say I have been in a little pain!  I am feeling better but I am about to go out of my mind because it feels like ages since I have taken a picture... so today I thought it was about time to photograph something!  So here is a few shots of my adorable little girl "Pippa"!  She will be 6 months old in a few days! :) 

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!  Hopefully I will be back to work and posting pictures soon. ;)

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February 3rd, 2012

Welcome Mason... ;)

Sweet little Mason... **~sigh~** I love him!  This little man is such a good baby!!!  I think this might go down in history as the worlds shortest newborn session... only one hour!  That is quick for these little creatures! :)  I know its not proper to say that boys are beautiful but Mason is a BEAUTIFUL baby!  His little face is so perfect.  He is a precious miracle... ;)

Mark, Sara, and Big brother Max - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Mason is gorgeous!  He looks so much like Max did as a newborn... it is amazing!  Such sweet boys!  Thanks for bring them to see me!!  Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

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