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April 24th, 2012

Welcome Case Allen...

Welcome Case Allen! :)  This little man is so plump and perfect... he has such a beautiful little face!  I absolutely LOVE chubby newborns!  I love his rolls, his wrinkles, his cheeks... everything about him is just too sweet!  He is darling! :)

Dave, Kelli, and Big Brother Tyler - Congratulations on the new little guy!  He is the perfect addition to your family!  Tyler and Case are going to have so much fun together.  Your life with two little boys will be quite entertaining... I promise! :)  Thanks for letting me capture these special newborn moments of Case... he is TOO CUTE!!

** Check out more pictures of Case!  Visit my facebook page

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April 19th, 2012

The Kirkwood's! ;)

I have known this family my whole life so when Jolene asked me to do their photos I knew it was going to be FUN!!!  I was sooooo excited!!!  I traveled to their famiy farm and I got the feeling that the kids must have been practicing their photo skills because they were AMAZING!!!  Kendyl and Kally were pros from the beginning... they ROCKED it!  Treyson took a little time to warm up but he is only 3, he is a boy, and most of the time I find that little boys have better things to do than pictures! ;) In the end they all ended up with GREAT pictures and the family pictures are so stinkin ADORABLE!!!  I LOVE them!!! ;)

Randy and Jolene - your family is TOO CUTE!!!  Thanks for allowing me to capture these special photos!  I can't believe how fast your kiddos have grown up... they are all gorgeous!  And I must say, all of you are very photogenic!!!  Good Job! :)  Can't wait to share all of the proofs with you! See you soon!

** Check out more pictures of the Kirkwoods!  Visit my facebook page

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April 15th, 2012

Little Man Jacoby... ;)

Little man Jacoby is another one of my favorite little boys! :)  This little turkey always has to pretend he hates pictures but by the end of the session he is throwing smiles like crazy!  I loved this session with Jacoby... he has the cutest personality, the most adorable laugh, and the biggest blue eyes to go with it all!  He has grown up so much in a year... but as you can see he was a beautiful newborn and he has grown into a GORGEOUS little boy!!! :)

Thanks a million Casey and Toby for letting me be a part of Jacoby's first year!  I love the little man! :)  I always know our sessions are going to be relaxed and fun, and I always get a kick out of seeing you guys!  Thanks again for bringing Jacoby to see me!  He is TOO CUTE! ;)  See ya'll soon!

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April 3rd, 2012

Barrett is ONE!

What a difference a year makes!!!  Last year at this time Barrett was so tiny and sweet posing perfecly in the baseballs...  one year later we were pulling out EVERY trick in the book just to get him to hold still for one picture! :)  He is busy, busy, busy, and CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!  I love this little man! :) 

Happy First Birthday Barrett! ;)  Thanks Wade and Abby for making the long trip from Torrington again!  It was great to see you... I always have so much fun with you guys and I absolutely LOVE Barrett!  I know I shouldn't say this but he is one BEAUTIFUL little boy!  His curls and eyes... **~sigh~**!  He is perfect! :) 

** Check out more pictures of Barrett!  Visit my facebook page

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