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November 19th, 2011

Baby Aceline... she's BEAUTIFUL! ;)

I am so EXCITED to end my 2011 photo sessions with lil Miss Aceline Emmery!  I can't think of a better way to end the year and begin the Holiday Season! ;)  Aceline is absolutely PERFECT!  As soon as I got my first glimpse of this precious little girl I knew it was going to be a FUN session!  I haven't photographed a newborn girl for MONTHS... so I was ready for some PINK girly fufu stuff! ;)  Aceline's mom brought some of the cutest hats, headbands, and a very special quilt which I LOVED!  I'm happy we were able to use all of the adorable things.  I have so many favorite shots of sweet baby Aceline!!!! :)  She is DARLING!

Congratulations Jeremiah and Rebecca!  I am so honored to be able to capture these special newborn moments of Aceline.  She is PERFECT in every way!!! ;)    

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Maddox and Kol...

It doesn't happen very often but occasionally I am unable to squeeze a newborn in for pictures and unfortunately little man Kol was one of those newborns that I missed out on.:(  Thankfully, this past week I finally got to meet him and his big brother Maddox! :)  We had so much fun during our session! Maddox is 2 and absolutely LOVED my pet monkey!  He laughed and giggled the entire session!  Little man Kol is 6 months and such a little ham!  When I look at this pictures I just want to SQUUEEeeeze HIM!! ;) 

Thanks Sue for bringing the boys to see me!  It was great to finally meet all of you! ;)  Maddox and Kol are absolutely adorable... I had so much fun with them!  Have  a GREAT WEEKEND!!!  ;)

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November 15th, 2011

Baby A... ;)

I'm so happy we captured these pictures when we did because baby "A" arrived only a few days after our session!   I am starting to think I'm pretty good at getting labor started because this is the second time in a row the baby has arrived before I was able to post the belly pictures! :)  This little one's name has been a secret the entire pregnancy but I can now safely reveal that baby "A" is now Aceline Emmery and she is doing GREAT!!!!  I LOVE the name and I am so excited to meet her!! ;)  CONGRATULATIONS Jeremiah and Rebecca!!! ;)

Thanks Jeremiah and Rebecca for allowing me to capture this very special time in your lives!  Your little one is so BLESSED to have such fun parents! :)  I enjoyed meeting both of you and I look forward to meeting Miss Aceline soon! 

Hmmm... this might have been the labor inducing shot!!! ;)

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November 12th, 2011

Mason, Bryn, and Will...

Oh my goodness... these kiddos look like they came straight out of a magazine!  They are absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE their outfits!! Mason is 3 years old and a natural when it comes to pictures... he always does such a great job for me!  This is my first time meeting his little brother Will and I must say I am already in love with him... he is gorgeous!  And last but not least we have Bryn who has to be one of my most favorite little girls on this planet... she is a COMPLETE DOLL! :)   

Awww... such cute cousins! ;)

Thanks Jaimee and Brooke for bringing the kids to see me! :)  They are all so STINKIN CUTE!!!  I can't believe how fast they are growing up!  I am so excited to share the proofs with your family! :)  Have a great weekend!

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November 3rd, 2011

Little Man 'D'... is 3! ;)

I have been photographing Dylan since he was a teeny-tiny newborn and all of a sudden he is 3!  I'm not sure where time goes but it sure seems like he is growing up FAST!  Dylan has always been one of my very favorite little boys!  He is so sweet and he is such a DOLL!!!!! ;)

Thanks Dylan for making my day!  Every time I think about your giggly little self I have to smile! :)  I'm so glad you came to see me again... I always love photographing you!  I hope you had a great Halloween... I am sure you made an adorable little pirate!

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November 1st, 2011

Welcome Cutter Roan...

Little man Cutter had one thing on his mind the day of our session and that was FOOD! :)  I think he knew as long as he was eating he didn't have to participate in the whole picture process... he's a smart little cookie! ;)  He did happen to doze off for about 5 minutes and I snapped pictures like a crazy woman.  For not wanting to sleep he had the most peaceful little face in his sleepy pictures!  He is precious! :)

Grant and Chrissy - Congratulations! :)  Cutter is an adorable little man!  Thanks for allowing me to photograph these tiny newborn moments of him... he will grow and change so quickly!

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