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May 19th, 2011


It's hard to believe it has been a year since I have seen little miss Leah!  Time has went so FAST!  Leah was a beautiful newborn and is a gorgeous one-year-old! :)  She has the funniest little personality and the cutest smiles!  It is always a good feeling when I notice myself smiling as I am proofing... how could you not smile when you look at this adorable little face??!! :)  She is CUTE!

Happy First Birthday Leah! :)  Thanks Ross and Haley for bringing Leah to see me again!  She is ADORABLE!!  I am so in love with her big personality.  It was great to see all of you... thanks again for making the trip to Sterling! ;)

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May 11th, 2011

Leonora and Max...

I was so excited to see little Max again and it was great to meet Princess Leonora for the first time!  Max is still as gorgeous as ever but has grown so much since his 6 month pictures... he has hair now! :)  Leonora reminded me of one of those little porcelain dolls... she is beautiful!  They both photographed very well when we got them to hold still long enough... which isn't an easy task for two one-year-olds!  It was a bit of a challenge but we captured some CUTE pictures of these adorable cousins!! ;) 

Thanks Nana and Poppi for making the long trip from Denver with your BEAUTIFUL Grandchildren! :)  I am honored I was able to capture these special pictures for your family.  I enjoyed meeting all of you!  I hope you had a wonderful trip home. ;)

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May 6th, 2011

Welcome Jace...

Oh my.... this little man is GORGEOUS!!!!!  Honestly, Jace looks just like my baby doll that I grew up playing with.  He has the most beautiful features!  His head is perfectly round, his skin is perfect, his little nose is perfect, and I LOVE his  lips!  He is a beautiful little boy! :)

Congratulations Chad and Amy... and of course big sister Fallon! ;)  Jace is precious!  I think I could stare at this little man all day long... he is so dang CUTE!  I am honored to have been able to capture these special newborn moments of Jace... thanks for bringing him to see me!  Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

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May 4th, 2011

He's back... Taten! :)

Many of you might remember this first picture of little Mr. Taten from a few weeks ago.  Well, this week he came back and even though he wasn't full of giant smiles he was a lot HAPPIER... he even shot me a few smirks! YAY! :)  I must say this little man is cute whether he is smiling or serious... he was even cute when he was crying!  After all who could resist these beautiful big brown eyes!  

Thanks Micah and Erin for bringing Taten back for another shot! :)  He is such a cute little guy and he did so much better this time around!  I am excited to hear that big brother Wyatt wants to come for pictures now... hopefully Taten will feel the same way next time! :)  

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