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June 24th, 2011

Welcome Colt Samuel...

Welcome Colt Samuel!  This little guy is PERFECT!  Colt was two weeks old for our session so I was a tad nervous he might not be sleepy but luckily he was putty in my hands.  I LOVED him! ;)  Colt's mom brought some of the most adorable hats which I think I'm going to have to buy because they were so stinkin cute!  I'm absolutely in love with this little man ... he is gorgeous, sleepy, and perfect in every way! ;)

Derek and Noelle - CONGRATULATIONS!!! ;)  Colt is such a good baby... I had so much fun photographing him!  I am honored to be able to capture these tiny moments of your beautiful little boy!  Thanks again for bringing him to Sterling!  I hope to see all of you again soon! ;)  Have a great weekend!!!

P.S. Noelle, I am so thankful you decided to take a few pictures with Colt...  I am in LOVE with the photos of you and him together!!!  They are GORGEOUS!!! ;)

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June 21st, 2011

Little man Landon...

I met Landon's family a couple of years ago when I photographed his big sister Kadence.  When I heard the news that Chris and Ashley were expecting again I was thrilled because they definitely know how to make CUTE kids! ;)  Kadence and Landon are gorgeous!  I have so many favorite pictures from this session... here are just a few! ;)

Congratulations Chris, Ashley, and big sister Kadence!  You have such a cute family... I am so happy for all of you!  Landon is lucky to be loved by so many people... he is a precious little boy!  Thanks for allowing me to capture these special newborn moments of the little guy!  He is a DOLL! :)

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June 17th, 2011

Kylie is GRADUATING!... ;)

My niece is GRADUATING?!!!.... I must be getting OLD!  Kylie and I have been thinking about her Senior pictures for years now and it is so hard to believe that the moment has arrived!  I have watched this little girl grow into an absolutely STUNNING woman... and to be honest  I don't think she has a clue how beautiful she really is!!!  I can't help but stare at her pictures over and over again!!!  My little man Paycen is confident he is going to marry her someday...  he keeps saying "she's cute"! ;)  I have to admit he has good taste!! 

It was Kylie's special day but I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of the handsome little brother Brody!  He has grown so much... it won't be long before he is getting Senior pictures! Ugh... they all need to slow down!

Thanks Kylie for letting me be part of this special time in your life!  I had so much fun taking your Senior pictures... you have always been a fun model! ;)   You are a beautiful girl and you have such a bright future ahead of you.  I hope you have an awesome Senior year!  It was so nice to see all of you again!  I hope you had a great trip back to Colorado Springs! :)  See you soon! XOXO ;)

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June 16th, 2011

Harley is ONE!

This little boy is all BOY... he loves the dirt, the water, the mud... BUT when it comes to frogs he isn't so sure!  His big brothers managed to find him a little friend and as you will notice he wasn't quite sure about Mr. Toad.  It was pretty funny to watch... but I have a feeling it won't be long and he will be throwing frogs around just like his older brothers!  Harley has been ADORABLE from day one... he is a CUTE little boy!  I am so in love with his pictures!  It was such a beautiful day and we were able to get so many fun and unique shots... I wanted to share all of them but I tried to control myself! ;) 

Thanks Greg and Kristen for bringing Harley to see me again!  He is such a doll!  His blue eyes are CRAZY... I'm in love! ;)  Thanks again for making the trip from Greeley... it was great to see you and all of the little boys again! 

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June 7th, 2011

Triplets... they are 3! :)

I have been photographing Emoree, Cade, and Ciana since they were born and it is so hard to believe that they are already 3 years old!  I always look forward to my sessions with these little folks because they wear the most amazing little outfits and they are such good kids!  Thinking about photographing 3 kids that are 3 years old makes me a tad NERVOUS but these kids always do so good for me... which I am very THANKFUL for! :)  They have grown so much and have developed the cutest personalitites.  Ciana is the smallest of the group but she holds her own and seems to be the ornery one... Cade is ALL BOY and pretends he doesn't like his picture taken but somehow always ends up with great shots... and Emoree is the shy one who happens to be a little poser and loves to have her picture taken! ;)  They are all so different but one thing is for sure they are all ADORABLE!!!!!

Richard and Christa - thanks for bringing the kids to see me again!  They did such a great job and they all looked so CUTE! :)  I have so many favorites from our session... I can't wait to share them!  Thanks again for allowing me to capture these special moments of your kids! I always look forward to seeing them! ;)

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June 3rd, 2011

My cute family! :)

I'm amazed at how big all of these kids are getting!  I have been lucky to be able to watch all of them grow up and to be honest it seems like just yesterday I was watching my neice McCall and my nephew Evan play in the sprinklers with their diapers on!  My Mom has always been good about getting a group picture of the Grandkids every year and it is so fun to see how much they change year to year!  I know I posted a ton but it was a fun day and we got so many cute pictures I wanted to share!  Here is my Mom and Dad with all their Grandkids... McCall, Evan, Trae, Scottlin, Pryce and of course little man Paycen! :)

Thanks kids for being so cooperative!  I think Grandma and Grandpa are going to be so happy with their pictures! ;)  Have a GREAT SUMMER!!!!

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