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December 23rd, 2011

HapPy HoLiDaYs!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Enjoy this special time with your friends and families!  Happy Holidays! ;)

Love,                                                                                                                           Ryan, Tandi, Pryce, & Paycen

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December 21st, 2011

My Kiddo's! ;)

It has been a GREAT 2011!!!  The boys have been so much fun this year and they are getting so good at being photographed... FINALLY!!! ;)  After looking through the last year I realized I never posted my own kids so I figured it was time to get them on the blog!  Paycen is 5 years old and so full of life!  He has such a fun personality, but can definitely be a challenge on occasion. :)  He loves music!  Wakes up playing the guitar, sings all day long, and knows EVERY WORD... even the bad ones!  He started preschool this year and seems to be LOVING it!  He has learned so much and he is happy to tell everyone. ;)  Pryce just turned lucky number 7... which seems SO BIG!  He has really grown up this year!  He isn't really loving the long days of First Grade but it is getting better as we get used to it.  Pryce is the quiet one of the family.  He is a VERY TALENTED artist... as soon as he gets off the bus the first thing he does is draw, draw, and draw!  We go through a lot of drawing paper at our house!  He loves farming, cows,  and pretty much anything that involves being outside.  This year the boys BEGGED for a little dog, which I wasn't too sure of because I figured it would be an annoying little yippy dog! But... Ryan and I came across one of the cutest little puppies I think I have ever seen so we just had to give in! :)  She doesn't bark, doesn't shed, and is only supposed to get to 4 lbs... how much trouble could she possibly be??!!  We named her Pippa!  Pryce actually got her on his birthday and I didn't think the kid would ever quit smiling... Paycen and him were so happy!  She has been a very fun and adorable addition to the family... we all love her! :)  As for Krewz... he is still the same old dog!  He is one of a kind and so lovable!  He loves living outside and being the big guard dog and he is so excited to have a new friend on the farm!  We were a little nervous about Pippa and Krewz but they are such good buddies... it's cute!  Well... that's our 2011 update!  Next year I am going to be better about posting my family more frequently... I promise!!!!  Merry Christmas to ALL!! 

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