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April 28th, 2011


Braxton has to be one of the most alert little guys I have ever seen at only 6 days old!  I think he must have been excited about our session because he definitely did not want to miss any part of it.  Finally, when our time was about to run out he CRASHED!  I snapped like a crazy woman and luckily he slept through it all!  Braxton has some gorgeous pictures... but how could he not with this adorable chubby face! ;)

Eric and Kristin - Congratulations on your new little man! :)  Braxton is gorgeous!  Thanks for making the trip to Sterling... I am so happy your family got to be part of his first picture session! :)  I got the feeling he was excited too... ;)  I am honored to be able to capture these special pictures for your family and I can't wait to share his beautiful proofs with all of you!  Have a great weekend!

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April 21st, 2011

Wyatt and Taten...

It is so hard to predict how picture day is going to go... especially with a one year old and a three year old!  Usually three is a pretty tough age because EVERYTHING has to be their idea!  Wyatt managed to surprise his mom and I because he was willing to do whatever I asked!  He was so much fun to photograph... and as you can see he is absolutely ADORABLE!  Little man Taten also suprised us because he wanted NOTHING to do with pictures!  We sat him down and instant tears...  stood him up... instant tears... took a picture... instant tears.  We tried EVERYTHING!  It definitely brought back memories for me!  We did manage to get one cute picture... so that will have to be the sneak peek for my next session with the adorable Mr. Taten! :)              

Thanks Micah and Erin for bringing the boys to see me again! ;)  I'm sorry little man Taten was having such a rough day but don't worry too much I have a feeling we will get some smiles next time! :)  Have a wonderful Easter!!!!

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April 9th, 2011

Little Slugger Barrett...

This little slugger was a CUTIE!  Barrett made us work for some of these shots but overall he was a super sleepy little guy which was great! ;)  We were able to try some new things and I love how his pictures turned out.  His wrinkly skin and scrunched up face are so adorable... it is sad to think in a few short weeks he will fill out those little wrinkles!  They just grow too fast!  Enjoy him... he is gorgeous! :)

Wade and Abby - CONGRATULATIONS!  Barrett is such a handsome little man. :)  Thank you so much for driving all of the way from Torrington Wyoming for the little guy's pictures... I am so happy you found me and I am truly honored to have been able to capture these special newborn memories for you!  I enjoyed getting to know your family... hope you all had a safe trip home! ;)

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April 7th, 2011


This little girl is AMAZING!  She is so chubby, ADORABLE, and without a doubt little Miss Emerson has the biggest and most expressive eyes I have ever photographed!  She is just too cute... I love everything about her! ;) 

Eric and Aubree - Emerson is such a doll!  Thank you so much for bringing her to see me!  She was so fun to photograph... I can't wait to share all of her CUTE proofs with you! :)  

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April 6th, 2011

HaPpY BiRthDaY HARLEE!! :)

Happy 1st Birthday Harlee!!! :)  I always look forward to my sessions with Harlee... she is such a fun little girl to photograph!  I have been photographing her since she was in the womb and have loved every session I have had with her!  Harlee was a gorgeous newborn, she was a gorgeous 6 month old and she is GORGEOUS now!

Thanks Brett and Melissa for allowing me to capture some of the special memories of Harlee's first year!  I am going to miss seeing her every 6 months! :(  I have really enjoyed watching her grow and getting to see how her personality has developed.  She is so much fun... and she is a BEAUTIFUL little girl!

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April 5th, 2011


Oh my goodness... this little girl is FUN and ADORABLE! :)  I had so much fun playing with Miss Teagan... she is such a little diva!  To give you some idea... she already has her own pair of high heels!  How cute is that?!! :)

Shane and Lindsey, thanks for bringing the little diva back to see me again! :)  She is such a doll and I am so in LOVE with her cute personality!  I can't wait to share her proofs with you!  Have a great week... talk to you soon! :)

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